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Howard Sisco CTO Award

Harold Jones photo

Photo of Harold Jones receiving his award for Outstanding CTO

Dr. Howard Cisco portrait

Dr. Howard Sisco Outstanding CTO Award


The District CTO Award, presented annually by TETA is a prestigious recognition given to a leader who has shown exceptional achievement and leadership in the implementation of technology to enhance education at the district level. This award is an acknowledgment of their significant contributions to the advancement of educational technology and its positive impact on students and educators.

The winner of the District CTO Award is not only honored but also rewarded with a trip to CoSN, which stands for the Consortium for School Networking. CoSN is a professional association that focuses on the strategic use of technology in K-12 education. The trip to CoSN is a valuable opportunity for the award recipient to network with other education technology professionals, gain insights into the latest trends and innovations in the field, and further their knowledge and expertise in leveraging technology for educational improvement.

Overall, the District CTO Award is a meaningful recognition that celebrates the dedication and innovation of leaders who are making a significant difference in the integration of technology within the education sector at the district level.

Nominations are Open and close May 15 – Award at Summer Institute 2024