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TETA Visionary Award

The TETA Visionary Award, formerly known as the Director's Award, is a prestigious recognition presented by TETA to honor an individual who has made significant contributions to instructional technology that have had a broad and positive impact across the entire state. Unlike some other awards, the recipient of the TETA Visionary Award does not have to be a TETA member. Instead, the focus is on their exceptional efforts in promoting and implementing technology in education, irrespective of their affiliation with the organization.

This award is granted to an individual who has gone above and beyond in their support for and implementation of technology in education. It serves as a tribute to their visionary leadership and their influence on the advancement of instructional technology within the state.

The TETA Visionary Award acknowledges the critical role played by individuals who have made a statewide impact in the field of educational technology and highlights their dedication to enhancing the learning experiences of students and educators through the effective use of technology.